Technician / AAP

Technicians/AAPs provide specialist care and treatment to patients who have been involved in accidents or emergencies. Technicians/AAPs need the ability to make swift decisions and stay calm. A Technician will be a member of two-person ambulance crew, supported by a Paramedic or Emergency Care Assistant (ECA).

Technician / AAP

Typical Duties of the Role Include:

- driving and staffing ambulances and other emergency vehicles
- responding to emergency 999 calls
- assessing patients, providing emergency treatment and making diagnoses
- monitoring and administering medication and pain relief
- dressing wounds/injuries
- using specialist equipment including ventilators and defibrilators
- transporting patients to hospital and continuing to provide treatment while in transit
- providing hospital staff with patient information including condition and treatment
- helping provide patient care in hospitals and other medical facilities
- communicating effectively with patients and their relatives/friends
- 24-hour shift work (including weekends) is usually a standard requirement of the role.

Qualifications and Training Required

- As a Technician, you need an IHCD BTec level-3 ambulance aid
- As an AAP, you need a Futqual level-4 AAP Certificate

Minimum Requirements For This Role

- Hold a current DBS
- Over 21-years of age
- Hold a full manual driving licence, for not less than two years, allowing up to a maximum of six points
- Hold an Ambulance Emergency Driving Certificate which can be either
    - Futqual level-3 blue light or
    - IHCD BTec level-3 emergency blue light

Key skills for a Technician / AAP

- A caring and outgoing personality
- A proven track record of working well in a team environment
- Good communication skills
- The ability to stay calm and make swift decisions
- A good level of physical fitness
- Good navigational skills and driving skills
- Resilience
- Stamina

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